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What is “Prague in 100 words”?

“Prague in 100 words" is organized in 2016 for the first time! This is a story writing competition for those people who feel for the city so much that they just want to put it into words, though maximum into 100 ones.

Everybody can write about the city! The story can be about a random thought, which comes when you are in a metro, a snapped moment on the street, a fear or even an image from a dream. The call has only one important term: the story can not be longer than 100 words. The beauty of the whole contest lies in its simplicity. What does the city mean to its inhabitants? What kind of stories, memories, feelings, impressions do they have related to the places, events or people of the city?

While the concours is open stories can be sent through our system on this web page or by post as well. The address is:
Praha město literatury (Městská knihovna v Praze)
Bělohorská 1666/56
169 00 Praha 6 ‒ Břevnov

Once the call closes, a small jury selects the best 12 and the best 100 stories. The best twelve stories will be illustrated by local artists and will be exhibited. At the opening of the exhibition the winners of the concours will be announced as well. Our plan is to show these art pieces: the stories with the illustrations in as many places and surfaces as it is possible.
The 100 best stories will be published as a small pocketbook and will be downloadable from our webpage.

The original idea of the contest was developed in Chile 15 years ago; it was called “Santiago in 100 Words”. In 2001, in Santiago, the Plagio, the Minera Escondida and the metro of Santiago worked in cooperation to launch this project, in which anyone could participate by submitting a story of maximum 100 words in connection to the city. In the following years, this initiative evolved to be the most important literary contest in the country and now it is organised in 4 different Chilean cities and in Mexico as well.

The appeal was first launched in Europe in Budapest in 2014 by the Mindspace team. After 2 successful years in Hungary, this year the contest is started in the Visegrad countries as well: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.


What is “Prague in 100 words”?
“Prague in 100 words” is a story writing contest. The stories can contain maximum 100 words and have to be related somehow to Prague. According to the plans of the organisers, the winning writings will appear in public places and will be published on several media surfaces. The projectorganized by Mindspace (Budapest) and Plagio (Chile ideator) with partners in Stara Trznica (Bratislava), Praha Mesto Literatury (Prague) and Res Publica (Warsaw) with the support of Visegrad Fund in 2016
What is the main aim of the project?
The project would like to encourage conscious participation of people in the city’s cultural life and create more colorful and vivid public places by placing literary texts and illustrations there. In the same time the project enables us to see what citizens think about Prague nowadays.
Who can participate in the contest?
Anybody can participate in the contest, except the members of the Mindspace Non-profit Ltd., Prague City of Literature and Czech Center.
What are the concours’ deadline?
The call will be opened from the 1st of June until the 18th of September.
What are the criterias of the stories?
The subject of the story has to be related somehow to Prague. The number of the words of the story (without the title) can not exceed the 100 words and it can not be a story which was previously published. The work should be sent by its writer. We only accept stories written in Czech. If any of the above mentioned criterias are violated, the candidate can be ruled out.
How many stories can be submitted by a writer?
Each participant can submit maximum 5 stories as described on the website (upload, via e-mail, by post).
Who will read and review the stories?
The members of the jury will review the works and select the finalists and the winners. Members of the jury: Irena Dousková, Vlastimil Venclík a Jakub Řehák.
How do you assure fairness of the contest?
The members of the jury have no access to the personal data of the writers in any stages of the competition. The works received via internet are read with the help of a software, which shows only the code of the story. In the case of the stories which are sent by post, the personal data is in a closed envelope, which will be opened only after the best stories are selected.
How can I apply?
The works can be sent via or by post as well. In the case of the letter one should send the story under a fake name. All the personal data of the writer should be put in a closed envelope placed in a bigger one. The address is:
Praha město literatury (Městská knihovna v Praze)
Bělohorská 1666/56,
169 00 Praha 6 ‒ Břevnov
What are the prizes?
The jury selects the 12 finalists than out of them selects the 3 best stories. The 3 winners will also receive financial prizes (1st – 6000 CZK, 2nd – 4000 CZK, 3rd – 2000 CZK). The 12 finalists are illustrated by contemporary Czech artists (David Cajthaml, Lucie Dvořáková, Renáta Fučíková, Barbora Kyšková, Galina Miklínová, Jitka Petrová, Honza Smolík, Eva Sýkorová-Pekárková, Bára Šalamounová, Tereza Ščerbová, Václav Šlajch, Lukáš Urbánek) and according to the organizers plan, they will be published and exhibited at indoor and outdoor public places.
Where the stories get published and how they will be circulated?
The 12 best stories will appear on different media surfaces, at public places, furthermore at the award giving ceremony. The 100 best stories will be available online and also will be published as a small pocket book.
Do you count the articles as words?
Do you count the words of the title as well, when you sum the number of words?
Can the story be shorter than 100 words?
What does it mean, that the story should be connected to the city?
The content can be about the life in the city, about the everyday urban life or even miracles. The jury will handle this in a broad sense.
Why the participant does not have use fake name on the online platform?
The online system guarantees the anonymity of the writer by creating a code, which is the only data that the jury can see about the writer, when reviewing the stories.
How will be the finalists notified?
The organizers of the contest will get in touch with the 12 finalists right after the jury made its decision. The 3 winners will be announced at the award giving ceremony.
How can I get in touch with the organizers in case of any mistakes, or if amendments needed in the personal information?
In case of any questions or misunderstanding, please e-mail the organizers at, who will be at your disposal.
What rights the organizers and the writers have regarding the submitted stories?
By applying to the competition, the writer accepts automatically the above mentioned rules and gives the rights to the organizers to edit, publish, circulate or copy the submissions. The writers will not receive further compensations after entering their stories to the contest.